Mufflers and Catalytic Converters

Custom Exhaust Headers
Fabrication & Welding

Wow! Things have changed in California since we have been gone. The rules are the rules and we are determined to keep up. California is very strict on which Catalytic Converters go on each individual car. There are only so many after-market products that are CARB approved. So, sometimes, we have to buy your parts from the dealer. That makes for a big bill. But, we try very hard to get you the best price on your installation so you can get the vehicle to pass the smog test. Give us a call and we will work hard to help you and California's beautiful and sunny environment.
If you want your car to sound the same or different; we can fix that too. We have stock replacement mufflers and after-market mufflers. There are ways to make it louder and quieter, depending on your preference. Lee has owned muffler shops since 1995, so he does great work and has the experience to get the work done quickly and efficiently. Whether you have broken or worn out exhaust parts or you just want the latest and greatest products, we can help you here at The Muffler Man. Come by or call and talk to Lee or Jake for any of your exhaust needs.