Mufflers and Catalytic Converters

Custom Exhaust Headers
Fabrication & Welding

Yes, it has been a year since we returned to the Muffler Man.
Thank you, all you wonderful people, for bringing us your vehicles and trusting us to provide our services for you. We have been surprised and overjoyed with how busy you have made us.
We hit the ground running last May.  Other than some slow holiday traffic and a few construction roadblocks, there have been very few days we haven’t been busy.  We have our parking lot back and a newly paved street now.  Hurray!   Our Placentia Avenue access is gone but we can be reached via Crowther.  Come on over and check us out.

From replacing catalytic converters and mufflers, to building your custom exhaust, Muffler Man is here for you  We appreciate your business, great
reviews and referrals.  Come, bring us your vehicle, and we will give it the Muffler Man treatment!
Thank you,
Lee, Jake, and Patty